12V AGM VRLA SMF Battery

Solar battery  in Kerala
Solar battery  in Kerala

INTRODUCTION Solar battery  in Kerala

Beacon SMF Valve regulated VRLA battery is available from 7Ah to 200Ah. VRLA batteries are sealed maintenance free and come with assured quality. VRLA SMF battery is used for wide range of applications such as telecom, datacentre, critical loads, OnlineUPS and home inverters.


Calcium based additives for longer life and durability

Designed for more than 5 years at 27 degree Celsius

Excellent cyclic performance and recovery after over discharging

Completely leak proof and maintenance free

Compact design with high power to power ration

High Impact ABS Casing


Models Available KiloVolte BPS 5KWH
KiloVolte BPS 7KWH
KiloVolte BPS 10KWH
Capacity Available 7Ah – 200Ah
Form Factor Monoblock ABS container
Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated hour Capacity C20
Life 5- 10 Years – Depending on Model and temperature
Grid Calcium Alloy Grid
Float Voltage 2.25V/Cell
Temperature 27 Degree ambient temperature