Lithium Battery – 3Wheeler and 2 wheeler

Tubular battery in Kerala
Tubular battery in Kerala
Tubular battery in Kerala
Tubular battery in Kerala

INTRODUCTION Tubular battery in Kerala

Beacon LIB Innovation center provides reliable Lithium ion batteries for E Autos, E Rickshaws and E Scooters. This battery boasts about various features such as 3x life, easy maintenance, Seamless integration. Fast charge and discharge capabilities allow shorter downtime and great revenue earning opportunity.


Ergonomic Design enables easy access charging

Use of LFP cells for high density and cycle life

Intelligent charging algorithm to enhance battery life

CAN facility for vehicle communication needs

High Voltage architecture enables better acceleration

Minimal Self Discharge


Rated Energy 48V75Ah | 48V 35Ah | 48V 25Ah
Specific Energy 98wh/kg
Est Life @ 80% DOD 1500 Cycles
Charge Current 37.5 A
Discharge Current 35A nominal
Peak Discharge Current 95 for 10 sec
Operating Temp 10- 50 for Charging and 10 to 60 for discharge
IP IP 65
Communication Interface CAN BUS , RS238