Solar PCU

Beacon Home Inverter has been giving peace of mind to millions of households during power outages. Beacon has a wide range of Sine Wave Inverters. Beacon also offers a wide range of Solar Off Grid Power Conditioning Units using the latest technology. Our Off Grid Solar PCUs are Reliable, User friendly, Efficient and use the latest embedded technology. Our Integrated T-MPPT (True MPPT) tracks and delivers maximum power from sunlight and reduces your electricity bill.

Online UPS  in Kerala

INTRODUCTION Solar MPPT inverters  in Kerala

Beacon Offers wide range of solar off Grid Power conditioning systems with state of art superior design. These are highly reliable, user friendly, high efficiency systems with latest embedded technology. Our integrated T Mppt ( True Mppt) tracks maximum power from sunlight and saves electricity bill our nature.


DSP based Design

Efficient MPPT Technology

Pure Sine wave Low THD

Multi line Intelligent Display

Grid Charging on/off option

Auto Bye pass Relay /SCR

PC interface & web Monitoring (optional)