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Beacon batteries offer efficient storing of solar energy and optimize the distribution of power whenever wanted. These solar batteries provide high cycling performance that is an important efficiency factor in solar system in Kerala. As leading trusted battery brand in South India Beacon batteries are best suited for any solar system project.

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Beacon Batteries

Beacon range of inverter and Solar flooded batteries are one of the best batteries available out there .

Models Available

Beacon Solar : C10 – 60 Months Warranty

Beacon Magnum : C10- 40+10 Months Warranty

Beacon Regal : C10- 36+12 Months Warranty

Beacon Neo : C20-36 Months Warranty

Beacon Magnum : -C20-24+24 Months Warranty

Accor Extra Power : C10 – 40+20 Months Warranty

Accor Mpower : C10 – 36+14 Months Warranty

Accor Max Power : C20- 36+14 Months Warranty

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