Eco-friendly hybrid inverters with built-in lithium battery

Beacon energy storage systems provide the best Lithium battery for hybrid inverters and lead to make renewable energy accessible to every family in Kerala. We are dedicated to creating sustainable products and solutions for our customers that benefit the environment, like Lithium home UPS, Solar MPPT charge controllers, online and offline UPS, Lithium solar, and home inverters. Our Sentinel Series Lithium and Beacon Citadel Lithium battery packs are one-stop batteries and inverter backup remedies for all your moveable external power applications. These products ensure extended lifespans, reduced size and weight, and quicker recharge times. One of the unique features of lithium battery packs is that they are safe, simple to handle, and free of other potentially dangerous components.

Now let's check out why people around us switch to lithium batteries.

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Beacon home inverters are compatible with all household appliances, and our power systems provide dependable power to ensure your comfort.

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Beacon energy storage systems offering a full range of power solutions like Tubular Batteries, Solar Water Heaters, Home Inverters, Solar Combo Packs, Online UPS etc. We provide customized solutions based on our client needs. Let's go green for a better tomorrow!

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