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We are one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Solar Products, we are committed to developing sustainable products and solutions that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to our clients keeping in mind the needs of future generations. We are focused on providing products and solutions that are environmentally friendly. Beacon power hub offers a wide range of energy storage products and solutions ranging from Tubular Batteries, Solar Water Heaters, Solar MPPT Inverters, Online UPS, etc. Beacon Solar Off-Grid Combo Packs are reliable, user-friendly, and efficient solutions to every household in Kerala. An addition to the newest solar technology is happening at a meteoric speed. According to the Renewables 2019 Global Status Report (GSR), the solar industry accounted for an up surging growth in renewable energy future on one hand; while the deterioration in the overall transition speed on the other hand.

Advantages of Using Solar Products

Solar Energy is Applicable Everywhere

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Impact on the Environment

Low Maintenance Costs

After recovering from an unexpected natural calamity, the State is now on a renovation mode, “Re-Build Kerala” that focuses on sustainable development. As part of this, recently the State Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac, in his budget speech, talked about providing around 130-150 crore units of electricity to the consumers from 500 MW rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) projects and 500 MW from floating and terrestrial solar PV projects. He also mentioned that Kerala households have already registered for 200 MW of rooftop solar PV capacity. With a feasible plan in place, we talk to a few experts to understand the need, benefits and process of implementing solar power generation units in homes and offices.

Beacon power hub BPI Series Inverters suit to all domestic appliances. Our Systems offer reliable interrupted power that assuring you comfortable living. Ideal Solution for long backup power needs. Beacon energy storage systems Solar water heater is tested to withstand harsh weather conditions to provide 24/7 hot water to all its customers. It mainly uses SS304/SS316 grade for superior quality and withstand more than 10 years of performance life.

Solar Street Lights

We offer a range of inverter and solar tubular batteries are one of the best tubular batteries available out there. Entire battery is made in house with the highest level of quality to withstand the long duration of power-cuts and many solar off-grid applications. Our BSON Series online UPS are designed to protect your critical operations, Sensitive Equipment’s, Medical Instruments, Telecommunication systems & data’s, from abdominal Power condition. We offer the latest technology online UPS systems to meet harsh environmental % worst power conditions were interrupted power supply required to ensure continuous operations.

Beacon power Hub Offers Quality Solar Combo Pack

PWM Inverters (900 VA-2 KVA)

Inbuilt True MPPT Inverters (2 KVA-15 KVA)

Solar batteries with 5 year’s replacement warranty

Renewable energy often referred to as clean energy produced from the atmosphere. One of the most commonly known facts about solar energy is that it represents a clean, green source of energy. Solar power does not contribute to any pollution, Hence, it’s safe and environmentally-friendly. As the Covid-19 crisis spread around the world, large numbers of people started working from home, with immediate and varied impacts on energy use. Beacon power hub helps you to get complete peace of mind during work from home. Beacon power hub offers a wide range of Energy Storage Products and Solutions ranging from Tubular Batteries, Solar Water Heaters, Rooftop Solar Projects, Online UPS, etc. Beacon Solar Off-Grid Combo Packs are reliable, user-friendly, and efficient solutions to every household in Kerala.

Solar Street Lights

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